JOIN is a communications agency helping progressive initiatives reach and mobilize the right people to build their movements.

We are committed to empowering advocates, activists, policy experts, organizers, artists, and communities in their fights to reform unjust systems. Since our founding in 2019, we’ve exposed how the pharmaceutical industry abuses intellectual property to monopolize life-saving medicines, moved young people to participate in the 2020 Census, drove registration among eligible voters primarily concerned with racial justice, and combated barriers to equitable COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

Our work is not intrepid, as is the work of our clients. Our work is functional. As a communications partner, we build and execute strategies that help our clients harness their solutions, research, networks, experiences, and vision to build powerful movements and achieve their mission.

If you’re working towards a better world - one where health systems are designed to save lives rather than serve wall street, where giant corporations can’t monopolize industries with impunity, where people are empowered to shape the systems that affect their lives - then get in touch.